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A new Lancôme Top Coat with its varnishes

A new Lancôme Top Coat with its varnishes
A new Lancôme Top Coat with its varnishes

Perfect your manicure with the Lancôme Top Coat

If we often talk about the different procedures to make a make-up, know that the manicure can be just as complicated … Moreover, the application of varnish is a profession in its own right that requires training. For a varnish application to be successful, it is absolutely essential not to neglect any step. So don’t listen to your friend telling you that the Top Coat is a superfluous product. It is indeed an essential to obtain a result worthy of a professional. In this sense, Lancôme has just developed a brand new Top Coat to enhance the dazzling color of its new generation nail polishes .

What is the Top Coat?

The Top Coat is a kind of small shiny and transparent varnish to protect the nail and give it a more radiant finish. This performs several functions. First of all, it is particularly practical because it allows the varnish to dry much faster, almost instantaneously. Lancôme has also largely focused its research on this point and  its Top Coat dries at high speed  ! What’s more, the Top Coat prevents your varnish from deteriorating too quickly. It prevents it from being scratched by the small shocks that occur on a daily basis and prevents it from flaking too quickly. Thanks to it, the color of your varnish is protected and lasts longer. In other words, the Top Coat is a kind of protective shield.

Lancôme Top Coat

In this new Top Coat, Lancôme has bet everything on shine and ultra-fast drying. The idea is not only to protect your nail polish but to enhance it. The Lancôme Top Coat is presented in a brand new setting. Its transparent base is slightly curved while having sharp edges. This gives it a more contemporary feel while improving its grip. Its opaque black cabochon, meanwhile, is connected to a small applicator brush. This has been ideally designed by Lancôme to deliver the right amount of product and facilitate its application.

Apply your Top Coat well

For a  successful manicure , it is essential to respect the drying time of your varnish between each step and to operate in the following order: start by protecting your nail with a Base Coat. This also improves the hold and adhesion of the varnish. Then apply two successive layers of colored varnish to obtain perfect opacity. Once the latter is perfectly dry, all you have to do is cover it with Top Coat. Likewise, be aware that it is quite possible to add a layer of Top Coat to your nails every two days or so in order to further increase the hold of your nail polish.

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